Robotics & AI. Introducing you to the latest trends & research in the field of Robotics & AI

  • Introduction to Robotics & AI
  • Application of Robotics & AI
  • Myths, Risks & Values
  • UAE Robotics Job Market
  • Fears of Loss of Labour
  • Future Smart Jobs

Robotics & AI - The Future

Fueled by advances in computing power and connectivity, the fields of robotics & AI have grown rapidly. With technologies advancing at breakneck speeds, robotics and AI are finding new applications in factories, business, and homes.

Over the coming years , the significant increase in labor costs, aging workforce, and the rising demand for productivity are expected to drive the growth of the global market for mobile robotics remarkably.

This seminar includes a basic introduction that covers the technological advances, current trends & future jobs and possibilities of Robotics.

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